"Wouldn’t you like to know
what they’re really thinking,
feeling, doing?"

Finding out what people really think about your brand, product or service is one of the most valuable pieces of work which any organisation can undertake. Accurate market research data drives better commercial decisions and leads to successful business strategies.

DEC Marketing offers flexible, cost-effective research solutions that are executed in a timely manner and customised to meet individual client objectives. We can assist you with any of these three research steps:

Step 1 – First, we’ll work with you to understand the real issues you need to explore with your customers, clients, prospects, members, subscribers or stakeholders.

Step 2 – Next, we’ll advise on the best methodologies to use, help to develop questionnaires, select and profile samples and hone the research approach.

Step 3 - Finally, if you don’t have the time or resources in house, we will carry out the research on your behalf and collate the results into a research report with recommendations for further action. We can even present the findings to your management team or board.

Types of market research projects undertake:

  • Brand perception surveys
  • New product evaluations
  • Market testing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Competitor analysis
  • Sector analysis
  • Employee engagement
  • Delegate evaluation (from conferences, seminars and workshops)
  • Impact assessments (from training or learning programmes)
  • Social media buzz / trends

We are skilled at utilising the following qualitative and quantitative research methodologies:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Telephone surveys
  • Self-completion surveys via post, fax or on-line
  • Focus groups
  • Desk research
  • Mystery shopping via telephone or online deployment

Each has its own benefits and we can advise you on the best method for your organisation.

Sector market research solutions:

We are well equipped to undertake high impact research projects in most sectors and have developed specific skills, knowledge and expertise in the following environments:

  • Membership groups / associations:  Surveys of members, (or lapsed members) on issues such as level of service, membership price vs. perceived value, perceived benefits of membership, competitor associations etc.
  • Business / Academic Publishing – subscriber surveys, lapsed subscriber surveys, sponsor / advertiser surveys.
  • Professional Services - Who are your competitors and what are their strategies? What are the competitive positions and are there any market ‘niches’ which your firm can exploit? We’ll help you find the answers.
  • Training – Impact assessments to help you measure the effectiveness of your training programmes and feedback to help you develop new courses or improve existing ones.
  • Business Events, Exhibitions and Conferences – we take delegate evaluation way beyond the ‘happy sheet’, measure exhibitor satisfaction levels and monitor sponsors ROI.
  • Public Sector – Are you getting your key messages across to the communities which you serve? How effective have your marketing communications been in changing public perceptions? We’ll help you take the pulse of public opinion on a local, regional and national level.
  • Third Sector – When budgets are tight you need to ensure that your efforts and resources are targeted in the right direction. Whether for social enterprise, community action, voluntary groups or charities, we can gather the stats that will help you make a difference.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures – Your financial backers will want to see a demonstrable understanding of your market and evidence of customer demand before they will invest. We can help you collate the evidence required to launch your venture.
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