"Looking for a safe pair of hands
to take on a short-term
senior marketing role?"

DEC Marketing will ensure that your important marketing initiatives get the focus, expertise and commitment they deserve.

The sudden absence of a senior marketing staff member can be damaging to your business continuity. We can provide you with an immediate, flexible and cost-effective solution.

We will supply essential ‘stop-gap’ marketing management support, covering your key senior marketing positions all the way up to board room level. And because we are highly qualified marketing all-rounders with decades of commercial experience, we can hit the ground running from day one.  We’ll bring heavyweight marketing expertise, team leadership skills and a briefcase full of tried and tested ideas. Your campaigns and marketing department will be in safe hands.

Interim situations covered:

  • Sudden or long term illness
  • Maternity leave
  • Unplanned termination of contract
  • Planned change of staff (but the recruitment of a replacement is taking a long time)
  • Temporary secondment or jury service

Or perhaps you just have a requirement to bring in director-level support for a special project, product launch or new business venture.

Whatever your reason, we’ll quickly fit in and…

  • Collaborate with your executives / senior management
  • Agree a system of metrics and KPIs
  • Manage budgets, time lines, systems and processes
  • Work with sales teams and marketing staff to support and achieve goals
  • Develop online and offline integrated marketing programs
  • Oversee development and implementation of all marketing and sales support materials
  • Manage outside vendors including graphic designers, website developers, online marketers, printers, PR agency, advertising agency etc
  • Oversee public  / media relations and brand management
  • Provide weekly activity and performance reports

We can provide a daily, weekly or monthly fee to undertake these temporary assignments. Travel expenses will usually be charged additionally at cost.

We appreciate the sensitive nature of interim projects so please contact Andrew Dec on
01763 263 420 to discuss your requirements in confidence.

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