"Benefit from targeted,
personalised, one-to-one support
just when you need it."

For organisations that want a steer in the right direction, but can handle most of the implementation themselves, the DEC Marketing coaching service is ideal. You’ll have access to a highly experienced marketing mentor for an agreed number of hours each month.

Marketing coaching involves regular one-on-one sessions dedicated to enhancing strategic skills, teaching marketing principles, and advising on marketing execution.

Contact time can be used in a highly practical way. For strategy reviews; to brainstorm or bounce ideas around; or for input on specific projects (you can also use it for things like getting us to proofread final copy or give our input on creative work).

We utilise our experience to mentor you and /or your staff to accomplish a specific marketing goal.

We’ll help you to:

  • Plan your marketing programmes with a specialist right at your side
  • Develop new initiatives with guidance and support
  • Learn about the latest marketing concepts and practices first hand
  • Refocus your efforts and get your campaigns back on track
  • Get an expert second opinion and a fresh business perspective
  • Short-circuit the marketing learning curve for you and your business
  • Get that ‘little push’ you need to transform your marketing effectiveness

This service is also ideal for business owners and directors with little or no marketing experience. In many SME businesses, directors often perform several roles in one, e.g. combining product development with sales, marketing and customer service. Marketing coaching is an effective way to inject some additional marketing expertise into the business at the right time and in a highly cost effective way. You will quickly gain the confidence and understanding to deliver high performance marketing programs.

Our coaching service could also be used to guide newly promoted junior staff member as they grow into a senior marketing role.

Coaching Contact Options:

After an initial (free) face to face consultation, there are three coaching options to choose from. These options are interchangeable so that you can pick and mix the best combination and frequency for your business or specific project requirements:

  1. Marketing coaching via regular face to face full day sessions at your office
    (or location of your choosing)
  2. Marketing coaching via regular telephone consultation in one hourly time slots.
  3. Marketing workshops for you and your team. These facilitated group sessions can be used to brainstorm creative ideas or examine specific issues.

All options include unlimited email support between sessions.

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