"With us on your team you’ll
have a better chance of producing
a successful tender"

DEC Marketing can support SME businesses and third sector organisations in applying for public sector contracts. Working alongside you, we will significantly improve your ability to produce winning tenders.

Our experience of public sector procurement means that we understand all the jargon. PQQ, ITT, RFQ, PIN, OJEU, Open, Restricted….we’ll turn this into plain English for you, so that you have a full understanding of the process and what is required at every step.

There are five areas where we can provide specialist tender support:

Tender opportunities – Provide us with a brief of the type of contracts you are looking for and we will proactively seek out new opportunities for you. We will monitor published notices and let you know the moment something suitable comes up.

When your budgets and resources are stretched, knowing which tenders to apply for and which ones to ignore can make a significant difference. We can advise on the most favorable opportunities so that you don’t waste time on bids with a low chance of success.

Tender writing – We will produce eye-catching tender documents that literally ‘tick all the boxes’. We have the skill to write compelling, informative answers to key questions. And we will collaborate with your managers to create evidence-based case studies that illustrate your processes and successes. We will apply our knowledge of tender weighting and scoring systems and target responses to ensure that your bid maximises its chances of achieving high evaluation scores.

Working as an additional member of your team, we’ll ensure that we convey all that’s unique  about your organisation, product or service.

Needless to say we can also help produce shortlist presenations once your tender gets through to the interview stage.

Tender checking – Perhaps  you've already completed a tender document in-house but would like an expert review before submitting it? We can check that key questions have been interpreted correctly (we'll suggest re-writes where necessary), that correct supporting documents are available, and even amend simple (but important) things like spelling mistakes and confusing grammar.

This service is particularly useful with consortia bids as it maintains continuity through sections that may be drafted by staff from different organisations.

Tender training / coaching – we can provide one-on-one sessions or group workshops for your staff which impart the skills and detailed knowledge necessary to produce winning tenders. From understanding the complex tendering process, through to key Do's and Don'ts of tender writing and bid submission we will create a bespoke package that’s pitched appropriately for your organisation.

Post tender review – Understanding where your past bids have fallen short will help you to turn your next bids into winning tenders. We can help you to learn from tenders that you have submitted, but failed to win. We’ll provide a detailed post tender review on your failed bid and give you constructive advice and feedback. This is a valuable and cost effective way of learning from and building on your own tendering experiences.


How are your tender support services priced?

Tender submissions vary considerably in complexity and length. And the level in which clients are able to contribute resources to getting the job done varies greatly. Therefore, once we know the level of support required we will quote a fixed fee for completing all the tasks by the submission deadline. This will be inclusive of all production costs and payable upon completion.

What types of contracts have you worked on before?

We have successfully provided tender support services across a range of sectors which have generated £ millions in public funding. Some diverse examples include:

  • NHS contract to deliver drug detox and rehabilitation services in East England
  • Contracts to provide community support services across the Midlands from The Department For Communities and Local Government and Lottery projects
  • Contract to supply business enterprise services for the DTI
  • Temporary installations in public buildings and theatres
  • Broadcast services for the Beijing Olympics
  • Lighting services for the Papal Visit and Royal Wedding
  • Service contracts for the BBC, ITV and Sky TV
  • Marketing communications contracts across various government departments
  • Framework agreements for the provision of conferencing services to Health & Safety Executive and various Regional Development Agencies
  • We are currently working with several organisations on LOCOG bids to provide event, broadcast and temporary structure services for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
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